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Weeds – a poem

weed killer

delicate tenacious vine

purposeful tight fruits

incursion through straight soldiers

chemical warfare

extinguish diversity

for the pleasure

competition for carpeted


an image which seeks

to still the incessant

relentless flux

death burgeons

creeps up

the rodents gnaw the dreamhouse

dust and spiders cloud the vision

control and survival

grip and slide

cleanliness, so smooth


with cracks

where opportunism and decay will creep

where fungus and mold

delight in setting up shop

This battle saps the life force

shoulders slump to surrender

A visit to a poor neighborhood


no gleaming gutters

no emerald carpet

Rot cohabits with the living

Is acceptance uneasy?


In any case, the real expands

unimpeded by images

by heavily funded assaults

Diversity thrives in poverty

rich soil of the powerless

a thrill to the unsung beauty

of charmless tangles

of people living among weeds

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