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Short but sweet!


Hello readers,

I’ve realized that perhaps condensing my posts to the essential might be more effective. Everyone is very busy, and competition for our attention is fierce! How can we search our depths when so much energy is spent to keep our attention on the surface of life?

For example, in on-line dating, we are given what would seem like an infinite number of possible matches and choices. The person who would like to be in a relationship that is based on something deeper than physical attraction might become frustrated. In my own experience, I feel as if guys who message me are probably looking at / conversing with several other people at the same time.  Insurance against solitude or guarantee of solitude? If it doesn’t “work out” with one person then there is always another! Yet I wonder if this system and formula really works for some people? How can we limit our exposure to too many choices so that we can deepen our relationships and simplify our lives?

It seems like a great thing to have so many choices and to open our lives to more possibilities. It seems as if we would be more likely to find a “soul mate” by increasing the probability of encountering the “right” person by opening up to ever increasing possibilities. But what if “more” became possible by restricting our access to too many choices?

If you looked at an infinite array of choice as the surface area of an ocean and suddenly restricted yourself to one square foot of water on the surface, you would be “forced” to look below that surface for content, attraction, character, sensitivity, courage, and other qualities that you value which might not be immediately shared or visible. You might not find what you are looking for, but at least, you would have probed below the surface, learned something about yourself, and had a more soulful experience.

And it seems to me, since all of life and matter is intelligent, connected, and in constant flux, the situations and persons you are meant to encounter in your life will come to you, as long as you stay faithful to your path and listen to your intuition. Getting “out there” does not seem to necessarily increase your choices and chances at finding a mate or realizing your dreams. But maybe getting “in there” does!


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