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I sprained my ambition ( a poem)


the day the neurosis became a puzzle piece enlightened

the driving force fueling

that endless thirst for love and acceptance


lost its power

Do I wish it was still a darkly felted mystery

sullen, concealed

velvety with desires unfulfilled

and so years later

the clarity of the single track

long ago demolished

ambition and clarity are no longer mine to own

and so I wander

wondering what is my purpose

is it to weigh the foggy treasures of my heart

to simply live


without recognition

without qualifications, achievements, celebrity

is awareness enough

to make a life worthwhile

is a person, however unique


if never seen, noticed, loved?

Who knows how the soul moves and is moved?

Do I even know how much of an impact I have had?

How many insects or chickens have died under my tooth or sole?

How many trees have ceased to exist for my drawings?

How many smiles have soothed a lonely heart?

impact may be measured in ways not known to the human brain

in places we have never measured or wandered

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