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Procrastination Man (a poem)


in pursuit of perfection

a sprained hope born in the heart

of a small beggar for love

treading on the precarious shells of parents

not holding up the fort of responsibility

those eager little minds so diligent and hungry

have you heard from workaholic?

do you know overachiever?

the blob family gives birth to incompleteness

and the fear of not needing something from someone

and then there is the thundering father who overflows

washing away confidence from that girl

or his overprotective wife

who doesn’t leave

but tries to shield the children

now grown up but still terrified

can’t make decisions

can’t commit to a face to face

can’t hold the line

but one day

procrastination man stops

cocks his ear

trying to listen to his own confused heart

stops looking backward

stops needing to be perfect

stops feeling the need to please

someone who exists only in his own mind

starts to breathe

starts to be


no more

no less

than himself



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