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Darkly nutritious fruits (a poem)


driving by the new high school

forever frozen in time

a moment of heart-break

sat a little girl, five or six years old

narrow face, hair neatly braided in rows

slender legs splayed on the grass of the sidewalk strip.

baby in carrier, mother out of car

flashing blue lights, handcuffs on the man

who might be her father

her gaze out of time

inwardly protecting her heart

yet totally naked

her being entirely alone

small child with dog

silencing the roar of traffic made distant

man in the uniform taking away the dignity

the freedom of the man who might be her father

taking away the integrity of her family

taking away the story of her life until now

in that single moment her life and heart broken

I saw this glimpse, a stranger to her

I saw from the outside a moment

which would forever transform her heart

I wished I could protect her, hold her

She lived that moment alone

the police officer not thinking to shield her

sadly thinking, why is he not protecting her innocence?

moments of experience are the meat and dark fruit of life

if a life has any meaning at all

it is in the living, in the pain

fruit smashed on the sidewalk

broken open,

exposing flesh and seeds

to the oxidizing air,

engraving living into being

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