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a frozen apple (a poem)


encased, sparkling

a dangerous edge to a sweetly dripping bicuspid

enclose defensive venom

just in case they try to

strike out

we all tiptoe with hidden knives

we are adults and yet

the tender fruit inside our sacks of muscle and bone

belies the toughness of the skin

tears gather knotted in my throat

the desire and knowledge of infinite love so tangible

imminent and untouchable

gently waving, the woven net of glistening intelligence

whisper the leaves, broken toys, bits of dirt, shell, bark

and plastic

my body dances

as viscous as an octopus

elegant, intelligent

darkly glistening

my heart pulses as my tentacles grasp and massage

my own frozen heart in the deep

the solitude of the ocean floor weighs heavily

a blanket drowning my already heavy feet

and yet

I lift my many arms and raise them towards a light I have never seen

with my own eyes

will you speak to me without a glass encasing you

like a rare cheese or an exotic orchid?

how can you calculate the distance between two hearts?

so many light years weigh us both downward

below earth, below sea level

we prod, we are tentative

do I know you at all?

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