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Relaxing into the real


Hello readers,

As I was meandering about the library where I work, reshelving items, a thought (among many others) creeped into my mindspace.  That thought consists of the following idea: our conscious human agendas and ambitions get in the way of a harmonious life on earth.  What if we could get out of the way of our own happiness, both personally and collectively?

As nature self-regulates countless biological, chemical, and physical operations constantly and without our approval, why did we somehow appear among the animals on earth with the ability to somewhat direct our own destinies (badly) and to possess an ego mirror which permits us to either delude ourselves or work towards self-awareness?

monkey mirror

While humans and proto-humans have been struggling to dominate nature, one another and to comprehend our own nature for hundreds of thousands of years, as time goes on, we seem to work increasingly hard to control what is outside of ourselves while not paying sufficient attention to our personal inner landscapes.

The truth is, that if we could (as those who meditate regularly might notice), let go of our personal agendas, ambitions, and desires for social recognition, we probably would escalate to vastly increased health, well-being, and over-all a very harmoniously balanced life-style.  We are capable of consciousness, so why don’t most of us choose this path? The path itself has been known and publicized through many spiritual traditions for thousands of years.


Basically, we find ourselves seeking happiness outside of ourselves and outside of nature, (including our own nature), which contains the key to the mystery of balance in all things.  While aboriginal peoples created societies that often reflected nature’s wisdom and lived in harmony with nature, taking only what they needed and listening to the voice of nature within and without, it seems that modern societies have dropped the connection with nature and no longer recognize how important it is to listen to the voice within…and without.

Will one day humans be able to let go of personal ambitions, power-seeking, nationalism, greed, and selfishness?  Nature is incapable of these imbalances, yet we too are nature.


As a human being (at least I think I am human, more or less), I choose the path of non-ambition.  My only goal is to find balance, and the quest to harmonize my own nature with that of nature at large.  That is why I sometimes find it challenging to relate to other humans who are often entirely embroiled in their own story and ambitions, leaving little space for relationship, discovery, or simply living.

In one of my recent posts “The Wisdom of the Body”, I quoted Deepak Chopra from his book “What Are You Hungry For?”  He mentions quite eloquently how our body tirelessly takes care of us without any input on our part, and how disease only takes over when we continuously mistreat our bodies and refuse to listen to the messages that our bodies (or our natures, if you will) quietly communicate to us.  The body is always ready and willing to keep us healthy, and we simply have to listen, adjust, work with it.  The same applies to inter-human relationships and to all of social structures.  Harmony and happiness are available to all of us right now, if we stop interfering with the process that is our natural heritage.


I loved reading about the meaning of the greeting “Namaste”, and I think it applies well to this post.  We can relax into the reality of harmonious human relationships by addressing the natural human, who is perfectly balanced, whole, and content, without ambition or need to be other than he or she is right now.  The greeting “Namaste” does all of this, bypassing social convention.

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