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Score (a poem)


carved into flesh


hereditary spider vessels line up

underscore the years of standing up

for myself

in spite

a lone ranging from few to fewer

support people or groups

to stand up

to say I love you, I need you

in spite

a teary heart cracked open

nth fissures in her soul

steaming lava

passionate fruited plain girl

not ugly, not fitting, but ok

acceptance is key

locks have closed, the wall of water mounts

heavy with potential

energy of wisdom points its toes on sensible shoes

the pronation of feet carrying the weight of so many worlds


there are ears welcoming, craning for the sound

of this voice

her pictures speaking the volumes

that the wave cannot repress

It is ok

Each day is bursting with intelligence

sizzling with the shape of opportunity

neglected by domestic patterns

that glaze the eye

One day

an eye not jaded

will twinkle

at the sight of her lumpy thigh scored with a delicious mapping,

will delight in the texture of her thoughts,

the layered complexity of flavors

and then

being together


the temerity

of individuals

full as fruit, coyotes, or jasmine

just being


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