Hello readers,

You’re grounded!  That could be a punishing sentence, or a compliment.  I don’t recall every being grounded as a child – in either sense of the word.  Sometimes I feel I am drawn to spiritual realms because I don’t feel quite at home in the meat of life and human interactions here on Earth.  My dreams at night contain so much more interest, drama, excitement and discovery than my day to day life here on the blue planet.

A recent dream caused me to dig deeper into my own intentions as far as the spiritual life of my soul.  I have a great interest in the life of the soul beyond the confines of my temporal body, and I read frequently about reincarnation, past life regressions, future life progressions, and the nature of reality and time.  I know that life is so much more than the limitations that we impose upon it in earthly, human terms.

Yet this dream fragment gave me pause.  Let me describe what I experienced to you.  I saw a group of young people exclaiming enthusiastically about hypnosis and past-life regression.  It was an outdoor setting at night, and I was standing at a distance from a well-like tower.  I could see bright flashes of bluish-white light emanating from the crater inside the broken down tower.  I hesitated to approach, but when I finally did and was able to see what was inside the hollowed out area, I declared that it was dangerous to explore too much into the realms of past lives (or something to that effect).  Deep inside, I saw a 19th century-type brick industrial complex.  Lightning-like flashes of the blue-white light were striking or coming out from the rounded brick walls surrounding the complex.  That’s all I remember.  It is my own words of caution that caused me to reflect.  After all, I am the one who is so enthusiastic about the life of the spirit, freeing it from the binds and boundaries of body and everyday life.

Most of my life I have been pretty solitary and shy.  I have always valued friendship, but it’s also hard for me to get really close to people.  What seems to come easily to some is hard for me.  I read something the other day about the four basic attachment styles (infant to parent) that modify all relationships from birth onwards.  I had to put myself into the “avoidant” category.  As an observer of life, I have always been intrigued but not too deeply involved in human, earthly activities on some levels.

As a single parent, I have, of course, been grounded in my and my son’s every day life by providing a nice home, educational opportunities, and family life for my son.  I shop, I cook and clean house, I work in my garden.  These are grounding activities.  We go to the gym or to parks to exercise and to walk our dog.  I go to work and interact with the public and with co-workers.  However, I find it challenging to find a deep sense of meaning or connection through these activities.  I feel myself isolated in a little world that I have created.  This world does bring me some degree of satisfaction.

I’m still working through this, trying to find a nice middle ground for myself.  A synthesis between the spiritual realms and the conventions of the “physical” world in which we live as humans.  I put the word physical in quotations because I believe that everything that exists is pure energy.  There is no separation between the physical and the spiritual.

What can I do to feel as if I really belong here on Earth among humans? Can anyone tell me, please?  (Thank you!)

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