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The Limit of the Sky (a poem)


Whenever you tell me I can stay,

I want to go

with you

Never will a banana peel remind me so much of you as of missed opportunities

Slip sliding on the stream jade green of an urban river

Emerges from memory gleaming a naked young German rising from the grass

forever elegant, composed

slipping on Levis over nude skin raised leg swinging onto the saddle of a bike

as elderly couple conventionally modest stroll

comb with broken tooth lies down next to flip-phone

opposites attracting the attention of the stars

a fate no worse than death

a salesman of brushes reminds the comb

of the fuller possibilities of fur

a sensual experience

an existential reminder of human frailty

that thrills the skin

Tickle pierce the skin of my other self

until I pass through the looking glass

of my own restraint

Holding back a wallet full of identities

Discard the experiences that have expired into a timely death

middle aged fruits dehydrate

yet thrill still

buzzing with a life not prepared to relinquish

the pounding heart of passionate


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