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Play (a very short story shaped like a poem)


Come out and play!  Sluggish eyed, Taina no longer had the soft gaze and limp cuddle of a clearly innocent puppy. 

Childhood, a time for play, is no longer

Replaced by other activities.  Chores. Entertainment. Mating.

 And yet she was beginning to feel that the accoutrements of adulthood were

A) not so important to being a successful person.

B) cause for anxiety

C) boring

D) all of the above

She started to wonder when she would find time to be playful.  When was the last time she had felt free, the insides of her chest rushing, a balsa wood plane soaring through a carefree afternoon outdoors. 

Taina loved her apartment and her sleek modern furniture.  Her job as a senior advisor for training programs at a major corporate headquarters was challenging and interesting.  She had good friends who called and texted her. Made her feel needed and significant.

 Despite busy days with each chunk of time accounted for, filled, purposed, Taina suspected that something important was missing from her life.

Rainbow rift with dimples staring raindrops

Tender caramels laced with violets

Coils of toothpaste wrapped around and around a patiently obliging pet’s snout

Silky growths inside of bell peppers

Worlds inside of broken bricks, clots of mud, rotting squirrels transformed into lace

Taina then knew and revealed to herself the missing link

It is I, she mused to herself, a silent whisper

I have been here along, but distracted

by the images

They tricked me, and I started to follow them, believe in them.

Behind those images

I was patiently waiting

Here I am.  I am ready to play.

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