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Against Nature: Creative and Healthy Humans

Indonesian youths scavenge for plastic cups at a garbage-strewn dam in Jakarta, Indonesia.

Hello readers,

As creators of culture, humans tend to historically set ourselves apart from nature, maintaining a complex and dual relationship with our self-images and our self-facts.  I do believe there is a way to heal this schism in the way we see ourselves and in the way we function in the world.  In fact, humans working with our nature would be much more productive than is the humanity that we currently experience and from which we often suffer.

I am awestruck when I read about the innate wisdom of the human body, which, when given the proper water, nutrients, sleep, exercise, and shelter from the elements, is a self-healing and powerful entity.  We continually create new devices, technology, medical treatments, developments in science, art, music, urban planning, work.  This creativity is our nature too.  What is out of balance is our awareness of our real needs and putting them into the equation of our place in nature.

While I am not a student of the Bible by any means, I do recall learning that man was meant to be a steward for all of nature.  This means, to me, that humans, given their creative abilities, are also endowed with special responsibilities.  The well-being of all creatures, our planet, and its atmosphere was given to us to survey and maintain.  As caretakers, we have the ability to ensure  our own happiness and equilibrium as well as that of our entire planet and its inhabitants.

Balance is achievable, right now, in our lifetime.  While this would require major changes to our philosophies of life, our economies, and our day to day lifestyles, I think the improvement in overall health and happiness would be sufficient to be worth the effort required to create the change.  I observe chaos, violence, selfish behavior, greed, lack of compassion, and drama around me, on my street, on the news.  Why is it so difficult, from the poor to the very wealthy, to see and repair what has gone wrong with humanity?  Why are we such poor stewards to our planet, to our own children, to our pets, and to all of the creatures living in the wild?

The reason that our medical system does not truly heal our bodies is because the priority of our healthcare systems for the most part focuses on increasing the wealth and well-being of certain practitioners, hospital and pharmaceutical corporations.  Health care has become big business, and it is not concerned with the health and well-being of the average human being.  We have known for a very long time that all of humanity could be properly fed and clothed as well as given opportunities for equal education and creative outlooks for life.  We have the resources.  Simply not enough people have embraced awareness of our inter-connectedness to one another and to all of nature and being.  This is not merely a spiritual principle.  It is a reality.  We are all one being, physically, and energetically.  My well-being is dependent upon yours, and vice-versa.

Once humanity is ready to embrace this simple principle, we can begin to reorient our energies and creative abilities to work with our true nature.  In this manner, we will quickly heal our planet, heal our bodies, negate poverty as well as wealth, creating well-being for all.  This will not happen by political revolution or activism.  There will be no “ism” or religion involved.  All of the wisdom about our health, about spiritual awareness and enlightenment is already available, and has been for many centuries.  Each of us simply needs to look inward and make the choice to be responsible for our own health, well-being, and spiritual connection to the field of pure potential, which is the way to our true self.  Once we let go of selfish pursuits and the illusion that we are separate beings, we find balance within, and we are ready to use our personal skills and talents to creatively raise up the level of humanity.  Creativity is harmful only when used in egotistical pursuits for “personal” gain.  When we work as responsible stewards for the well-being of our entire planet and all of its inhabitants, we gain health, happiness, and long life.  Doesn’t that sound like something our “forefathers” promised us in the Declaration of Independence?

In the future, globalization will evolve.  We will eliminate technologies which are harmful to humans, animals, and our environment.  We will need and create less “stuff” and derive enjoyment and energy from working to benefit our planet and our fellow man.  We will no longer need to import or export products to and from various countries, but rather we will exchange our knowledge and help people to solve problems.  Plastics, drugs, excessive use of pesticides, chemicals and antibiotics as well as vaccines will either be eliminated or evolve as we gain better knowledge of the wisdom of our own bodies and their needs, taking better care of ourselves, our animals, our land, oceans, and waterways.  Better living will be simpler living, with the advantages of both wisdom and the creative process.  All of this is possible, but egotism can only be challenged by love.

Do your own part, don’t try to convert anyone, and just allow the unity of your own heart and life to radiate from your own heart into the world.  This energy will become progressively stronger as the number of participants in self-awareness grow.  The transformation will come on its own.  Just watch it, and work on yourself.

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