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Making Dreams Come True: Moving from Intention to Action

Hello readers,

Everyone dreams of a better life, a larger life, of freedom and that buzzing sensation of wonder felt when ideas and desires begin to coincide with physical reality.  The success of lottery games proves this.  Yet, why do almost all of us settle for less than our dreams? 

I have reflected on this question, and I believe there are several reasons for this phenomenon, beyond individual reasons. 

For one, we are not taught as children that we are responsible for the form that our lives take.  Nor are we taught that our thoughts, feelings, choices, spoken words, and attitude have an impact on others and on the world at large.  We are not taught that all of being is inter-connected energy and that each of us is intimately connected to the infinite creative potential of this field that is life.  Most of us do not learn as children or even as adults that we are beings of love and that we are always loved, even when outside circumstances do not seem to point to that fact.

However, in spite of adversity, or perhaps because of it, we can overcome negative conditioning and beliefs about the nature of life and being human.  We can overcome low self-esteem.  We can surpass feeling that other people have power over our lives and what we do and achieve during our lifetime.

The key, it seems to me, is somewhat paradoxical.  A person needs to have a clear intention for the desire in order for it to materialize and be recognized by others as “real”.  In addition to this clear intention, a person also needs to accept to simultaneously relinquish a certain type of control to access his or her higher self, while also taking full responsibility for creative action.  This is the tricky part.  Because an intention is not sufficient to transform reality, but is an essential first step, I do feel that increased awareness of inner and outer signals (synchronicity and intuition) allows a person to access higher guidance to sense whether this intention is aligned with the greater good of all being. 

At this point, even though many obstacles may appear, they may be dealt with more fluidly when guidance is requested and taken into account by the dreamer.  It is the concept of time that is also challenging for humans when attempting to actualize a dream.  In the field of potential, there is no time, only energy.  So frustration may ensue.

My personal dream is to use the gifts I have been given, ie visual art and imagination, writing skills, and an interest in spiritual inter-connectedness and personal responsibility to raise awareness in others.  It is also my dream to create a business based on these skills.  This area is where I have been holding myself back, and I am currently seeking guidance in order to work past my inhibitions, lack of expertise in human relations, and trust in my own inter-connectedness with the universe to bring this dream into a shared vision. 

I would not dare say that dreams are materialized, because all that exists is an image that we share together.  If we can raise up that image and invest sufficient energy and belief into its manifestation, then we can say that it is real.  Reality is a vision shared by many people, a dream or fruit of the imagination.

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