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Pure Potential

Hello readers,

If you follow my blog, you have probably noticed that I am interested in the nature of reality, which is never what it seems to be.  As every creature has a different set of senses and manner of perceiving the world, we each live in our own dream – a world that we invent and decide is real…to us.  We bump up against our perceptions and limitations all the time. 

There are many books of a spiritual and philosophical nature that discuss the phenomenon of “pure potential”.  This state of being is beyond perception, beyond energy, beyond information, and is perhaps consciousness in its purest form.  Mind without matter, unlimited by senses of any kind.  Currently, I am reading “The Spontaneous Fulfillment of Desire: Harnessing the Infinite Power of Coincidence” by Deepak Chopra. 

My personal experience with synchronicity goes way back.  It is something that I noticed far before I ever read about it, and I drew my own conclusion that all matter is intelligent and that everything in the universe is connected.  My intuition seems to be confirmed by the descriptions and hypotheses that I have since read in many metaphysical and philosophical treatises.  I have not yet finished reading Deepak Chopra’s book, and I am curious to find out his stance on how the unfolding of personal destiny is guided by synchronistic events. 

I do believe that each person has a certain structure to his or her life, with key events and challenges.  While we do constantly make choices which form our personal histories, I do sense that some stories are purposefully “successful” while others are purposefully “painful”.  Coincidences let us know if and when we are on the right track to fulfilling our purpose and living up to our highest self.  This probably does not coincide with expectations set by family, society, or self in the normative definition with which we are most comfortable and familiar.

And so, as we unfold, we seek our higher self and to surrender our flow to this place of pure potential.  If I let go of my idea of myself, the world, and my self in the world with all of the expectations and images that go along with that story, perhaps a better or at least more interesting and unexpected story can unfold.  I think that this is the true goal of connecting to “pure potentiality”.  Anything can happen, but what does happen is connected to everyone and everything else.  Living in the regular world is like driving a car with my foot on the brake at all times, my fingers clenched on the steering wheel, as if my tension and fear could prevent my collision and interaction with life itself. 

Relaxing into a place of active observation is where I can actually take note of the synchronistic events, which are often minute, delicate, and easy to overlook.  When I subtract my usual self from the story of my life, perhaps my life can leap upwards and meet my higher self on its own terms.

Just a suggestion!

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