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Raising Vibrations: Living from the Heart

japanese maple

Hello readers,

I am slowly but thoroughly reading Sonia Choquette’s “Ask Your Guides: Connecting to Your Divine Support System”.  It is a fascinating book if you are interested in learning  more about how each type of spiritual being interacts with each of us daily.  Ms. Choquette, a psychic by profession, has been actively involved with spiritual beings and awareness since she was a small child.  Her mother taught her children by example, and she always encouraged her daughter’s interactions with spirit, allowing her to know and understand her own nature as a spiritual being throughout her upbringing.  She is a lucky woman!

I enjoyed her comments about how young children often perceive spiritual beings more easily than do adults, and how the “imaginary playmates” with whom children often interact and chatter are in fact spirit guides of various types!  I remember observing my son at play when he was younger – until perhaps the age of 8 or 9 – and he would always have a running verbal discussion and commentary of his play.  Perhaps he felt compelled to speak aloud because he knew he was not alone.  Or else, the joyful energy and lack of self-consciousness of childhood was simply allowing him to be fully himself and not care if anyone was listening!

Ms. Choquette brings up what I consider to be an important point in the course of this book in a chapter about Light Entities.  She describes a group meditation class / retreat that she was leading some years ago in which she channeled a group of light beings that she calls “the Emissaries of Third Ray”.  It sounds like a group of characters from a science fiction novel, but Ms. Choquette is very serious about these beings.  The message was transmitted to the group through her voice, body and being. (page 170, trade paperback edition) “Through me, they began by telling us how loved and precious we all are, but how we must change our vibration from one of fear to one of love if we hope to survive as individuals  and as the human race. With great compassion, the Emissaries said that they were connecting through me to them (and back to me) to offer their assistance in helping us achieve this transformation. ”

I too have been struck by how much fear and negativity permeates our culture and everyday lives, so much so that it is normalized to be anxious and afraid at all times.  We worry about germs, bills, disease, death, solitude, money, beauty or lack thereof, aging, crime, success, and a myriad of other concerns. If our planet and all of the creatures and natural substances that exist here are to survive and return to balance, we need to shift our focus from our mental / materialistic philosophy and our egotistical perception of separation from everything that is not “us” to our hearts and to connection to all that is.

Since I have already personally experienced the connectivity and intelligence of all matter before I ever read a word written by any new-age spirituality focused author, I know that the world is constantly communicating with us, more often than not in an artistic or poetic manner.  Therefore, my readings about spiritual entities simply brings focus and a new level of reality to the seemingly concrete and physical world in which we live.

In other words, if we, as humans, choose to collectively evolve to a higher level, we will willingly leave behind this materialistic view of the world as composed of inert, unintelligent, and unfeeling matter.  As we progress, we will begin to see on a global scale how all matter is in fact energy, and that energy is the essence of mind and intelligence.  If and when we leave behind our fearful and anxious ways and derive joy and energy from loving and supporting the global consciousness that is humanity and nature in the world, humanity will take a quantum leap forward.

I, for one, want to work towards what Sonia Choquette describes in her book, “Ask Your Guides”.  I want to use my skills and talents to help humanity evolve to a higher level of consciousness.  Without the courage to step out and inform others, to live by example and beam love outward to the world, we cannot defeat negativity.  We create negativity by accepting it as reality.  We have control over our own fates and the fate of our planet and fellow creatures and plants, whose well-being is affected by our thoughts and behavior.  Fear can easily be vanquished by love, and living in love means giving up a certain number of ideas about life as we know it in the world.

The world lived through the consciousness of the heart is much brighter and more fun than the world of fear in which I was raised.  We can relax and no longer will we need to grasp, compete, manipulate others for success.  I know I am an idealist, but I cannot accept to live in the cynical world that humans have created collectively until now.  I cannot accept to live and to take no action. I need to show that life as a human being can be so much more beautiful, more exciting, so much more full of wonder and poetry than a life shrouded by fear, disconnectedness, anxiety.  I am ready for the new future.  Are you?

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