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Refreshing: Restoring Energy and Excitement about Life

Hello readers,

What do you do when you are tired, feel drained, and need more energy?  I see many people around me who drink a lot of coffee, and advertisements for energy drinks or pills abound in magazines and on television.  Many people are or appear to be bored with their lives, which they assume must be as they are – we all are bound by duty and responsibility, and so we must admire celebrities who live lives filled with luxury, irresponsibility, and fun. Yet others fill their lives with so much activity, allowing no time for inspiration or inner reflection to enter the buzzing network of their chock-full days.  Sometimes, we are just trying to get through the day without falling asleep on the job.

It seems to me that there are many assumptions here made about life which do not take into account what our true nature is as humans and how to refresh ourselves. 

Basically, we are – like all matter in the Universe – energy.  Therefore, if and when we lose energy, we need to figure out either where that lost energy went and how to recover it, or how to re-supply ourselves with new energy.  Since there exists both positive and negative energy all around us at all times, we also need to learn to filter by choosing who and what we allow into our lives. 

I have recently learned that it is possible to create a protective energetic layer around our personal electro-magnetic field, or aura.  This awareness permits us to reject negative influences while keeping positive energy inside our field.  This can only promote good health and self-esteem.

There can be a lot of areas where we lose energy each day, especially if we do not meditate or know ourselves well enough to spend our days in activities which restore our spirits.  I don’t know if other people feel this way, but I have noticed that the older a person becomes, often the heavier they appear.  Not in physical weight, but in emotional weight.  If we aren’t careful, the wonder drains out of our being, and although we must all pretend to be constantly cheerful, vigorous, and competent, do we really feel that way?  Also, it is very tiresome to pretend to be energetic when it would be so much more economical to actually feel that way.

The first step to regaining energy, inner beauty, and enthusiasm for life is to reflect on and let go of conditioned thought processes in which we ourselves limit our personal potential and desires.  I know I have spent a good deal of time wishing someone would “give me their blessing” or “give me permission” to just be myself.  The truth is, only I can do that.  I have to be my own parents. 

The good news is that we all have guardian angels, spirit guides, and other beneficient beings who are here to help us stay on track, aid us in finding or creating solutions to our problems, and generally help us to be happy and productive people in the world.  Naturally sceptical myself, it has taken many years for me to peel away layers of disbelief, creating a pathway to worlds that are restoring confidence to my world view.  While I am not religious at all, it gives me clarity, energy, and a sense of self-worth to know that I am not alone, and that with the help and amazing intelligence of all that exists, I am creating not in a vacuum, but in a world that is vibrantly alive and which cares about me.

It is exhausting to live in an environment that is as competitive, self-serving, and fearful as the culture that surrounds us.  Although we must continue to function within this context, knowing that we are connected energetically to all that is – both visible and invisible – and that our lives have purpose and meaning, makes this paradox viable.  Also, when we invite guidance into our lives – because the energy of the universe in all its forms is intelligent, we feel less alone. When we live from our heart’s desires, we are able to listen to the voices from spirit and our hearts, and we make better decisions.

I have been reading the writings of accomplished medium James van Praagh as well as publications by Sonia Choquette, author and psychic.  Both are obviously well-connected in spiritual realms.  As I learn more and am better able to set aside previous prejudices about the nature of reality and being, I am beginning to understand the sensitive nature of the human being. We need to protect ourselves from negative energy – our own (our thoughts) and that of others.  And each day, we need to meditate and ground ourselves, bringing in fresh, pure energy from our mother earth and from above. 


These positive thoughts, connections with our spirit guides and angels, and meditations restore our energy and give us a more carefree and positive outlook on life.  This knowledge also gives us the courage to face our personal challenges with dignity and to feel compassion for ourselves and for others, all while knowing that we are spiritual beings in a world that is not limited by anything other than our own fears and doubts.

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