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The Virtues of Boredom…Manifesting Dreams and Making Use of Frustration

Hello readers,

I believe very much that we are all creators, working with our minds and imaginations to create the world.  So where in the world is there a purpose for boredom and frustration in a universe where possibility and potential are infinite?

While in certain realms there is no time, and all of creation and history are simultaneous, in the physical realm there is at least the illusion of time to which we appear to be subjected.  This means that our personalities and character unfold over time, preparing us to execute the visions that leap from our eager brains and hearts.

Some people seem to unfold quickly, as if from birth prepared to spring forth into constant spontaneous generation of amazing acts.  These people appear to be completely at home in the physical world – fish in the ocean of social interaction and inherently understanding the laws of life, business, and culture.  Others, however, seem to evolve at a snail’s pace.  Is it our own stubborness and negativity that makes the peeling away of this scumble of dark residue so time consuming?  Are some people more pure than we are?  I think it is of no use to compare the path and progress of others to our own.  When I compare myself to other people around me, I feel negative energy welling up and expanding, spreading jealousy, feelings of inadequacy, and anger like thickened grease or rotten jello throughout my body.

I want to lighten up, and I want to make use of where I am to start building my own dream, and doing work that makes me feel energized and excited about life and being in the world.  My focus is to create a business that will help others while I use my talents: writing, visual art, and creative thinking. Right now, my job does not make me feel excited or energized.  In fact, the work is repetitive and mostly mindless.  It is hard to keep a good attitude, even though the environment is fairly pleasant.

This is where the usefulness of boredom and frustration come in.  I have read from multiple sources that we are all exactly where we are supposed to be in this present moment.  Within this universe of endless potential, what use can I make of where I am right now?  How can I use boredom to bring me to awesome? Since I am the creator of this world in which I live, what made the bigger me decide to encounter so many obstacles, so much isolation, and so much frustration…and boredom?  My mind is constantly imagining new and wonderful ways of doing things.  Why does it seem that no one is as excited as I am about my ideas?

The answer that comes to mind is that the boredom, frustration, obstacles, and isolation have all been at work to help me build my character, to prepare me to manifest my vision in the world.  Perhaps I need to be ready to spread that vision and make it physically apparent to others, and the world itself also needs to be prepared and in the right context to receive that vision.  Therein lies the need for me to be patient and to use the place in which I am now to work on being my best self.

There are many opportunities within my job and my life right now that will allow me to prepare myself to be more patient, more compassionate, less judgmental, and more humble as well.

law of least effort

In Deepak Chopra’s “The Seven Spiritual Laws of Success”, a chapter is dedicated to the law of least effort.  Considerable attention is given to the idea that when our personalities are aligned with our higher self and thus the divine, manifesting our personal talents in the world becomes infinitely easier.

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