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Vision: Creating Thoughts to Make Our Lives More Joyful

Hello readers,

Thoughts are an art form.  For most of my life, I was conditioned to believe that the world exists and that I must adapt to it.  It is only through my explorations of books, gleaning wisdom from the experiences and reflections of other people as well as my own that I have come to understand that existence is something we all create and constantly re-create individually and collectively through our thoughts and beliefs.  In fact, this is how prayer works.  Prayer is a work of art, because it uses the energy and force of connected minds to bring desire to life.

The force of the heart and faith in the fabric of being, of life itself is very powerful.  It makes me feel quite relieved that I am in no way a victim of life – even in situations where I am passive and receptive.  Empowerment is a popular word that signifies taking responsibility while being creative.  We are constantly making choices.  Some choices are given to us to manipulate us into using our power to benefit others.  Yet, ultimately, we must unscramble the information that comes our way, simplifying and sorting, creating boundaries and allowing in what is beneficial.  This is a tricky process, if we wish to remain open-minded and not be clouded by unnecessary prejudice.  The heart is a better judge that the conscious mind, as it is the repository for all knowledge, both rational and emotional.

I grew up in a family where negativity was common currency, and where fear was served with each meal, figuratively speaking.  Fear and scary thoughts are as addictive as chocolate or nicotine.  To give them up creates a void, leaving a place for adventure where there was once only room for a narrow, safe path.  To explore the unknown without excessive fear and with joy – that is a goal worth pursuing.  Since we are all artists, creating lives that can potentially enrich all of humanity with our special gifts and unique voices, using our thoughts wisely is an important step in the process of subtracting fear from our lives.

Not long ago, I attended a class in which a group meditation was held.  We were encouraged to imagine deep roots growing from our feet, reaching into the depths of the Earth’s core.  The woman’s voice was rich and sensual, her words making my body tingle as my blood blended with the tree’s sap.  She asked us to imagine ourselves in the coming year, to bring out our deepest desires and their outcomes.  I saw myself, my hair cut short, wearing a beautiful red dress with red shoes. I stood on stage in a public auditorium of some kind.  I realize that I had just spoken to a large crowd, and many people, among them television reporters, were gathered around.  The vision surprised me, because I have always been a quiet person, not much focused on public acclaim.

Lately, however, I have also been surprised by my love of writing.  A desire to write books and be published has come into my heart, in addition to my art projects.  Also, I feel called to use art to help others (and myself) to heal by learning to increase self-love.  It seems to make sense that I chose a life story in which many people tried to discourage me, shower me with negative words and sentiments – because those very people did not love themselves very much at all.  As my life progresses, I begin to realize that lack of self-love is indeed very much prevalent.  We would not have to pretend to please others so much and in so many ways  if we were clear about ourselves and our own worth. 

All this to say that my path has led me to this place where I must make a big jump forward once again.  I am getting ready for bravery, and the boredom of my current life in which I am not living up to my own purpose and potential is pushing me forward.  Perhaps a life in the public eye is waiting for me, as I summon the courage and create thoughts and images in my mind that allow this to happen – all to benefit the collective human experience of life.

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