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On Purpose: A Poem

I forgot what I am doing here

Feeling lost in a world of temptations, directions, decisions

Choosing to be me

A name, a body, a set of circumstances

soft voice, long curly hair

near-sighted eyes

deciduous ideas

keep dropping from the mind-field of my brain

and beyond

an array of possibles requiring selection

Cinderella sat down and sorted her grain

learned patience and character

Was not just a left-over step-child

Seemingly random circumstances

fold into patterns

into a story

are made

the swollen eyes and absorbed tears

of a thousand misguided decisions

collecting into the shed skin of experience

Dandruff of my days

am I waiting too long to commit to my path?

Or is my indecision the sum and collection of my journey?

Stumbling tale of forgotten ghostly accords

made prior to my leap into fertilization.

Somehow, by repeated action

Reflections made

mirror back

growth of patience

Like mushrooms on the fallen logs of my limbs

Compassion grows in my chest cavity

a welling lamp

revealing willingness to be wrong

and still go on

Try and fail

Keep going

A tiny light in my own fog




World, my teacher

You hurt me yet

I love you

my friend

I am open-hearted and vulnerable still

message to life:

You and I are the treasure.

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