What is the “Matter” with the Way We Choose to See the “Physical” World? Some thoughts on body, health, mind, and matter

Hello readers,

From what I glean about recent findings in quantum physics (an area which always interests artists, innovators, and free thinkers of all areas of expertise) – the world exists only in our minds.  As each particle is named and discovered, we end up realizing that there is endless space inside everything.  Basically, the Buddhists are correct: the world is an illusion, created in and by our minds.  We and all that we believe to exist is a projection of our minds.

As a group, we create conventions to allow us to approach reality as a collective dream, manipulating it and believing that we are studying and discovering the nature of reality – when in fact, we are constantly updating and reinventing that reality.  When this fact finally hits home, artists and not scientists will become the kings and queens of our social worlds.  For the creative mind – of whatever persuasion – is the mother and father of the worlds and societies we inhabit and organize.

This perception of reality is infinitely freeing.  To realize that the world and bodies we believe to inhabit and with which we identify our core values of self and rootedness are entirely virtual is dizzying.  So all of the fears of survival were merely a mythical problem?  I can do whatever it is that my heart desires, creating a world that suits my intentions, talents, and personality?

As we move from the clunky age of materialism into a more spiritual and energetic age where the mind is finally freed from the limitations of body and matter, we will be making a soaring leap forward in thinking, medicine, art, sociology, and of course, spirituality – not to mention religion.  No longer reduced to wondering if life exists on other planets or within other galaxies, we can know that the infinite mind of the Universe is constantly pulsing and reinventing itself in endless forms and patterns.

Just imagine how the limited scope of medicine and health care today will expand.  We will no longer be restricted to healthcare professionals who treat us as paying customers for “care” that consists of plying drugs, tests, and surgery to treat “broken or breaking down bodies”.  The truth is, we are breaking down because our hearts and souls, energy, and spirits have been neglected and left unseen, untouched, unrecognized for so long.

We all yearn for meaningful lives, to contribute the uniqueness of our own talents to the perfection of the world we live in for this brief human experience – or serial experiences.  To free ourselves from matter as a restrictive device, we will ultimately begin  to accept full responsibility for our lives. The web of energy and light of the collective mind is the new paradigm, and this new perspective opens infinite doors of possibility for each of us.

2 comments on “What is the “Matter” with the Way We Choose to See the “Physical” World? Some thoughts on body, health, mind, and matter

  1. When we are open to all that is, I imagine the boundaries between artist and scientist will no longer exist. Cling film labels will no longer apply and the concept of separation will disappear as though it never was. In the words of Albert Einstein, “Imagination is everything. It is the key to coming attractions.”


    • Hi Howard. I guess people are not quite ready to really understand that quote by Einstein. I really think he meant us to take it literally. And I do agree with you! Once people really understand that we create the world (and many worlds) through our imagination, and that this is reality – our understanding of reality will be completely transformed. For now, however, science has become as rigid as any dogmatic religion, and I suppose only a few outsiders are open enough to consider other options.


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