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Portrait of a Proper Lady with Snake: a drawing

Sepia drawing ink on paper, February 2013

Sepia drawing ink on paper, February 2013

Hello readers,

This drawing does not represent someone I know.  Rather she came to me from my imagination – a proper “southern” lady wearing white gloves, holding a small apparently inoffensive snake as if it were a purse matching her gloves.

The neglect of the feminine is my subject of fascination.  The mystery and duality of this force of nature that cultures around the world have abused and misused for millenia contains a wealth of wisdom that we would be remiss to continue to ignore.  Nature moves slowly but surely, and it is enriching to absorb both her beauty and her truth.  The feminine is indeed a source of truth, and a form of power which I sense in my body and admire.  The serpent is an extension of the feminine, representing the subconscious mind, and the subterranean connections of mind and body, as well as the inter-connectedness of all things and of the time-space continuum.

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