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memory foam: a poem

Delve into sub-brain

Pockets of  stones clicking

Firing letting go

Trying to retrieve the substance of yesterday

Corridors of aromas

Locked doors concealing places I’ve been

Faces I knew, sketched only when observed

Feature by feature, looking specifically

Tracing with awareness

At night my dreams are populated by people I don’t remember meeting

So clearly painted with infinite detail

Have they come from elsewhere?

Or have I seen them once before?

Memory is lost when I clean my house

Every article discarded disappearing with associated memories

reminders forever lost

A gift it is said, forgetting

A brain too full, overwhelming

I believe the brain or mind loses nothing

Just tucking away every assorted delight

wrinkled nose feeling, sharp pain, or thought

Somewhere cradled inside the memory foam

of my mind

imprinting the world’s mind.

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