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Unrivaled Sibling: Forgiveness of Dreams Undone

A colleague’s face is painted with my sister’s shadow

Resentment springs where attention undeserved was lost

Unspoken conversations over decades remain intact

A mind weaves poisonous threads easily

Cut outs of unnecessary misery excised

My sister’s bitter note “wish you were dead”

No longer matters

So sad you feel I stole the love you craved

I never had it; it was yours all along

tucked into a little pocket somewhere between your heart and your guts

My own emotional body graven with past scars

Gifted with healing opportunity when today shocks yesterday

Silent forgiveness sent telepathically

Your cells may receive the message, bent prayerfully

Pus seeps out of invisible wounds

allowing light to spill through the gashes

My heart gives a permission slip to my dream

to be all my own

No need to twist or bend another’s soul

to fill my own needs

Already complete, shining a sigh of relief

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