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Cell Memory and Tattoos

There is something I have been pondering for a while, and I am wondering if anyone with medical or scientific background can help me to understand this phenomenon.  I have heard that our bodies are entirely recomposed of new cells every seven years.  As cells from all of our organs including our skin are constantly repopulating, why would a tattoo or scar remain visible when the initial cells onto which the drawing or scarification were made are long dead?  Do the cells memorize the coloration and information recorded during the trauma / transformation of the scar or tattoo and transmit that information to each successive generation of cells occupying the same part of the body?  Or is it the thought processes produced by our brains that assume the totality of our bodies as always being equal to themselves, recorded according to a personal template of identity, to which the body accordingly agrees to correspond?

This question fascinates me, as it evokes the problems of mind over matter, or the possibility of memory in the individual cells of the body itself.  I do believe in the intelligence of matter, as all matter is energy.  However, I am an artist and not a scientist.  Might there be a scientific explanation for this phenomenon of perpetuation of flaws or changes to the body?

Thank you for all input and comments!

One comment on “Cell Memory and Tattoos

  1. I’m not any kind of expert here, I’m kind of just guessing, but I know that different parts of our body reproduce at different rates. Things like skin cells on our outermost layers of skin are ones that we are constantly reproducing. Bone cells, brain cells, and other ones that are deeper inside get reproduced much less frequently.

    I believe that when you get a tattoo, the ink doesn’t just go into the top layers of skin, it goes down quite a way.


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