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Save Money, Live Better: A Poem

Goddess, are you made of China?

Are you alive today?

I see the mould of your face in the blank masks of shoppers, absent as they shop

Missing the beauty in their baskets

Wisdom allows purchase of dewdrops, orange peels, twisted roots, candy wrappers

for a discount less than free

Some call it garbage

It could be treasure

Mundane frenzy to accumulate without seeing

Survival of my bodily cells busies my waking days

Can I hear their tender call for my awareness of their microscopic needs?

By night, I dream of dreaming, eyes sewn shut

Vibrant pastels of tropical elephants

and Snow White divas

Scarlet lipped, ripely feminine

At WalMart, I save money to live better

How may I help you?

Some call her Sophia, the eternal shopper

She  answers to experience

Her eyes are wise to the complicity between herself, me, you

Collusion – we both share an inner diamond

Eternal despite our bodies hungry for the challenge to save money, live better

Mona Sophia, I admire you so much

Your facets are polished into fractured rainbows

Mine are still mostly muddied with the sediment of unearthed emotions

Serene, you push your grocery cart

Aware of the beauty in the aisles

Tiny, detailed wonders at every endcap

Divine in the everyday low prices

Eternal light in the savings

In the moment, I find myself too with you

as I learn to live better

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